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Work at home to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus

The central crisis management team, led by the vice-chancellor, has decided to recommend employees, who can and where possible concerning the university's activities, to work at home. Decisions are taken in cooperation with one's line manager.

In the present situation, we all need to help to minimise personal contacts and take our social responsibility to halt the spread of the new coronavirus. Örebro University has received its first confirmed case of coronavirus infection.

Going forward, we will not receive confirmation of infection, as health officials have ceased testing of persons who are not critically ill. Each one of us must act responsibly and stay home if we have symptoms.

The university recommends that employees who have the possibility to work at home to do so. A decision is taken in cooperation with one’s line manager. Employees and managers agree on the practical solutions concerning operational needs.

This recommendation applies even if one is free of symptoms. The recommendation is effective immediately (2020-03-13) and is in effect until further notice.

At the same time, measures will be taken to allow students to stay home and study via distance learning and take examinations in smaller groups, alternatively as a take-home examination, if possible. Students are urged to check Blackboard for updated information relating to specific courses, such as, changes in scheduling or examinations.

The Örebro Student Union has also taken measures and is following the university's recommendations.

Work at home (Information on intranet)

Information from Örebro University on the coronavirus

Translation: Jerry Gray