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About Teacher education for tomorrow

Students take a walk at Campus Örebro.

Teacher education for tomorrow was a strategic initiative at Örebro University. The aim was to develop our teacher education programmes in such a way that they meet current and future needs and quality demands. The vision was to shape challenging programmes in a stimulating learning environment that attract motivated students.

The teacher education for tomorrow scheme was a five-year project (2017-2021) and it encompasses all teacher education programmes at Örebro University.

The project had four goals:

  • The teacher education programmes are academic professional degree programmes with solid integration between theory and practice.
  • The teacher education programmes offer stimulating learning environments as well as high-quality and innovative educational content regarding both subject knowledge and educational science.
  • The teacher education programmes make up a coherent training scheme with curricula, learning outcomes and assessments that strengthen progression and collegial unity.
  • The teacher education programmes have a strong scientific basis where practice-based research is a central component.

These goals were primarily formulated against a backdrop of the preliminary studies of Örebro University’s teacher education programmes that were carried out during spring 2017. These preliminary studies showed that certain parts of the current programmes need to be strengthened, but also that more extensive changes need to be made for them to meet future needs. The studies also emphasised the need for the teacher education programmes to represent a coherent training scheme, with a clear and shared vision where the students adopt a professional identity early on and form part of a collegial community. Moreover, the studies revealed the need for stronger management of the teacher education programmes as well as expanded regional cooperation.

Government and other reports on the subjects of pre-school, school and teacher education also served as a basis when drafting these project goals.

The teacher education for tomorrow scheme was undertaken in the form of subprojects related to one or several of the four goals.