About iRiSC

In 2013, the research environment iRiSC was launched by researchers at Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital in collaboration with national and international colleagues; all with interest in the field of inflammation and infection. The aim was to create a platform from which our scientific expertise and knowledge could generate long-term collaborations but, most importantly, to create a foundation for new innovative research projects at a high international level.

The research has the character of “from bed to bench and back”; by often originating from a clinical situation, after which research results from the laboratory experiments are translated back to patient care. The goal is to decipher the key elements involved in host response toward various PAMPs and DAMPs, and to understand the inter-individual differences that determine why some individuals respond with severe, life-threatening inflammation, whereas others display a quiescent progression, or are even asymptomatic. We aim to find strategies to identify patients at risk to be able to individualize treatment, as well as to identify and prevent diseases linked to unhealthy environments. By this, iRiSC is a platform for research and for postgraduate and graduate studies in Health Sciences.