Open call for potential postdocs through Marie Curie scholarship

The research environment iRiSC (Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Centre) has a clear focus set on collaboration involving scientists and clinicians from widely differing disciplines, departments, hospitals and countries. iRiSC provide a base with clinical and biomedical knowledge and methodology required for investigating the mechanisms of systemic inflammation of humans during healthy aging and disease, with a special focus on innate immunity, inflammatory dysregulation, inter-individual variations in the inflammasome/caspase-1/IL-1β-axis affecting the outcome of inflammation.

We focus on human immunology and have a plethora of projects ranging from sepsis to mental illness, all with a focus on deciphering the aspects of innate immunity. All projects involve relevant human patient cohorts.

We are looking for a highly skilled candidate to complement our research centre in one of the below topics

  • Immunometabolism: the bidirectional communication between innate immune cells and the energy metabolism is highlighted in regulation of inflammation. Development of this node in the research centre is highly prioritized. Collaboration with another research centre holding state-of-the-art machine park is well developed. Now we need someone to develop the area.
  • Genetics: we have identified gene variants of the NLRP3 inflammasome that impact inter-individual variations in the inflammatory response. How these gene variants affect the regulation and function of inflammasomes are unknown. Another area of interest that we need to develop is the functionality of human COPs/POPs.
  • Immunopsychiatry: it is becoming increasingly evident that the immune responses have a strong influence on mental health. As one of our interest areas we have identified patient cohorts where we are in the process of painting the immunological bio-signature. In addition to proteomics, immunometabolism and genetics we are interested in investigating the activation status of PBMCs which we have collected and stored from different patient cohorts. This is an area where we need additional collaborations and skilled researchers to develop the topic

Contact us at: This is an email address and read more about iRiSC here