Hands that meet. They all hold puzzle pieces.

Part 1 of the project involves developing a new model for structured collaboration on risk management. The model is called RISKSAM, and it is set up to help the police and social services in their work with intimate partner violence and stalking.

RISKSAM is a model both for structured collaboration between and within the police and social services, and for managing risks for the victim.

The study is carried out in collaboration with the police and social services in Örebro, Karlstad and Falun.

To examine whether change occurs when RISKSAM is used, the study collects data from police reports, judgments, and contacts with social services relating to intimate partner violence and stalking.

The model will then be reworked based on the lessons learned during the first part of the substudy. After the recast, another study will be implemented in 12 randomly selected municipalities in Värmland, Dalarna and Örebro County. Finally, RISKSAM will be adapted once again before it is put to use.

Joakim Petersson
Susanne Strand
Johan Stjernqvist