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Police and social services work with risk assessment and risk management of intimate partner violence and stalking is an extensive and demanding task. Both the police and social services are dependent on well-functioning collaboration with other authorities and organizations. Collaborating effectively with other partners in a clear and structured way not only leads to a better outcome for the victim; it also affects the working environment and job satisfaction for the police officers and social workers involved.

This part of the project examines social workers and police officers’ experiences from internal and external collaboration on risk assessment and risk management of intimate partner violence and stalking.

This study also examines experiences from working with the new model RISKSAM.

Individual in-depth interviews and focus group interviews will be done with staff from the police and social services. In conjunction with the interviews, the participant will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to measure job satisfaction and psychosocial working environment relative to duties involving intimate partner violence and stalking.

The focus of the study is to gain more knowledge about job satisfaction and the psychosocial working environment for those working with these cases.

Anna–Karin Larsson
Susanne Strand