Early career scientists

EURODIET supports training of a new generation of ECSs with multidisciplinary diet-related knowledge and skills for combatting metabolic disorders in aging populations.

EURODIET supports ECS mobility and research facility visits.

Training activities involve:

  • big data management and analysis with focus on gender/sex aspects and other socio-demographic factors related to dietary habits and prevalence of metabolic risk in aging populations.
  • exploration of biomarkers for nutrients and metabolic health status, including inflammation and omics profiles in aging populations.
  • evaluation of dietary interventions in patients with T2DM and translation of knowledge to be utilized in primary care practices.
  • evaluation of facilitators and barriers for healthy eating behaviors in aging populations and translation of knowledge to inform diet-related strategies aiming to promote healthy aging via regional and local public health practices.
  • participation in PhD course entitled “Impacts of diet on overweight-related metabolic diseases”, 5 ECTS.