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We closed off the last round of data collection in January 2023! We thank all our participants for their time and all the questionnaires they completed. It was nice to hear about (and sometimes even taste of) the many recipes!


This research involves Örebro University, Region Örebro län and the Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket).

Description of the study
During the study, participants completed three types of questionnaires about their eating habits.  Sometimes they completed them on their own, sometimes we interviewed our participants.  Now we are comparing the different dietary assessment instruments we have updated and developed.

Why did we do this study?
We wanted to improve the way we measure eating habits in the Swedish population by taking cultural diversity into account.  The questionnaires we developed will be used in future studies which focus on the association between food and health.

Who participated in the study?
Mothers and pregnant women who were born in Sweden, Syria, Iraq or Somalia.