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Research Projects

Ängen: a Physical Testbed Apartment for Prototyping Distributed Care Technologies

About this project

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In progress


Federico Pecora

Research Subject

Research environments

Elderly citizens who choose to live in an assisted living facility require an array of assistive services. The specific nature of these services depends strongly on the health, social and economic situation of the elderly user. This project will leverage the experience and tools available at AASS (e.g., the PEIS Home, a testbed environment for research prototype development) for research prototype development. The results of the project are intended for deployment a real environment, the Ängen senior residence facility in Örebro. This testbed environment, along with the PEIS Home, will be used to test highly customized distributed care solutions. A selection of them will be re-factored and integrated to fit the needs of specific elderly users and real-world deployment. In this project, AASS collaborates with several companies developing technology for independent life, and leverages the results of research projects Robot-Era and Giraff+.

Research funding bodies

  • KP Pension & Försäkring
  • NovaMedTech