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CESSS's seminar

Spring semester 2024

Tuesday February 13th, 13.15-15.00 in F2240
Doctoral workshop – how to give constructive comments.

Wednesday Mars 6th, 13.15-16.00 at Östra Mark
Text seminar. Welcome to join for AW. Location will be announced later. 

Thursday to Friday, April 18-19 th – CESSS retreat
Deadline for registration February 23rd.
Location: Grythyttans Gästgivargård

The retreat will have two parallel objectives. Register for one or the other! We will have fika, lunch ect. together. If you like to participate in both seminars that is of course also welcomed.

  1. Get time to write and participate in a seminar/workshop on ideas for program application on sustainable transformative change.
  2. Get time to write and participate in a seminar/workshop for doctoral students and early career scholars, topic is to be decided. 

Register for the retreat here  and indicate if you plan to participate in the seminar on program application, the seminar for doctoral students and early career scholars, or both.

Tuesday Maj 21st 11.30-13.00 in F2240.
CESSS lunch - organized informal gathering for networking, evaluating, and planning ahead.


Fall semester 2024.

September 18th, 10.15-12.00 in prel. F2126
Doctoral student workshop – what to think about when giving presentations.

October 15th, 13.15-15.00 at Östra Mark, Ö201
Thematic seminar – one concept – multiple perspectives. (concept tba)

November 12th, 13.15-15.00 in prel. F2240
Continued discussion and work on CESSS program/project idea on Transformative agency.

November 26th, 13.15-15.00 at Östra Mark, Ö201
Formas and VR – The review process for research applications and organizational consequences of current research politics.

Also, in November/December (date will be announced later)
Guest lecture - Elisa Paiusco PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Twente, NL. Her research focuses on the social and ethical implications of deploying carbon removal techniques within climate mitigation projects as well as the broader sustainable development transition. Specifically, she develops a multi-species justice approach to assess mitigation portfolios that employ carbon removal.

During the fall, CESSS will also be invited to one of the research groups/environments within CESSS. To whom, when and where will be announced later.