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External collaborations

Researchers in CESSS currently collaborate nationally and internationally with researchers at, for example:

Arizona State University (USA)

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Germany)

Helsinki University (Finland)

Institute of Future Studies (Sweden)

Jönköping University (Sweden)

Lancaster University (UK)

Lund University (Sweden)

Melbourne University och RMIT University (Australia)

University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

University of Glasgow (UK)

University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

University of Lapland (Finland)

University of Nottingham (UK)

University of Wisconsin (USA)

Uppsala University (Sweden)

Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Researchers at CESSS have collaborated with, for example, the following external actors:

UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) (India)

Museum of World Culture, Exhibition: “Human Nature” (Sweden)

Spilloteket (Sweden)

UHR, Den globala skolan (Sweden)

VA (Public & Science, Sweden)