Research funding received for sociological projects on transformative change

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) annually announces funding for senior lecturers and professors with the aim to complete research that has already reached an advanced stage. This year, Rolf Lidskog, professor in sociology at Örebro University and member in CESSS, received a grant for a sabbatical period of 9 months, during which he will work full-time with research.

The project aims to investigate and compare different conditions and challenges for the development of an environmental expertise that can facilitate and guide the work towards meeting the current global environmental challenges. Some of the challenges involves creating an expertise that is scientifically legitimate, trustworthy, and policy relevant. As part of the sabbatical, Rolf Lidskog will work abroad and visit researchers in other countries for international collaborations. Congratulations to Rolf and best of luck!

In addition to the grant from RJ, Rolf Lidskog has also received funding from Vetenskapsrådet (VR) for a related project with Karin Gustafsson, docent in sociology at Örebro University and also member of CESSS. Together, they will seek to identify ways to narrow the gap between what needs to be done and what is actually done in the context of climate change and biodiversity. One part of the project will be to contribute to the theory of expertise through interviews with social-scientific environmental experts that are involved in developing policy advice for transformative change. They will also explore and compare different forms of epistemic infrastructure and how they shape the production of expertise in society.

Read more about the RJ project here