Nutrition-Gut-Brain Interactions Research Centre (NGBI)

Master programme - Nutritional molecular medicine and bioinformatics

Linking higher education with on-going research, and giving young students the opportunity to participate hands on in the research process, is a vital ingredient in the scientific community. At NGBI we strive to do this by means of our new international masters programme – Nutritional Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics.

The aim of this program is to prepare students for a future research career in molecular medicine, with emphases on the research field of nutrition-microbes-gut-brain interactions – either on a doctoral level or within industry.

The study curriculum focuses on current research on understanding the gut-brain axis; the bi-directional interaction between nutrition, the intestine, the intestinal microbes, and the brain; as well as on the necessary bioinformatics tools to reach this understanding. Main topics are: i) how these interactions are related to a dysfunction of the gut and the brain, ii) how these can be elucidated by state-of-the-art clinical and experimental research, and iii) how these relates to clinical practice and gastroenterology.

The masters program rests on a PBL (Problem-Based Learning) pedagogics in order to increase our student understanding of scientific inquiries, and to integrate scientific topics that not necessarily are addressed in a standard course of study.

The programme is intertwined with two other Master’s programmes (Cardiovascular medicine and Innate Immunity in Health and Disease), each supported by three strong research environments in medicine at Örebro University. The joint courses will provide you with a broader, multi disciplinary, insight into some of the general aspects of inflammation affecting public health. All courses are taught in English.

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See our flyer or go to the masters programme website at Master-Programmes.