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Support for webpages about research

Research at Örebro University is presented under the Research tab on It is organised according to research subjects, research environments, research teams, and research projects.

The information presented is retrieved from our Research Database. This database enables us to link environments, teams, projects, and individual researchers to one another. From a single page, users can therefore easily access information related to the research presented.

Screen shot displaying menu items on the Research tab.

Modifying research information on the website

For assistance in managing the data contained in the research database, contact the research administration at your school.

Structuring the research information

Since the information is retrieved from a database, there are limitations in terms of how the pages can be designed and the information structured. For example, the tabs referring to closely related categories of information are required.

Screen shot displaying different tabs.

Some layout is possible, however, by using images and what are known as blocks. Contact the research administration team at your school for more information on options and possibilities for your research information.

Strategic initiatives and profiles

Some research at Örebro University has been promoted as strategic initiatives and research profiles. The presentation of that research, perhaps within a certain area or project, has included more visual content. Contact one of the research communicators for more information on your options and possibilities for a similar presentation. and other alternatives

It makes sense for your research to be presented on the university website, It is well-established and has a lot of traffic. This in turn means that also search engines have learnt to find it. Setting up another website can be compared to opening a café in the middle of the woods, hoping that customers will find it.

Surveys show that users find it easy to navigate They find its structure clear and pages load quickly. There are some indications, however, that the design is neither modern nor exciting.

There is an explanation for this. The website is designed to be accessible to all types of users. It must work also for those that navigate using a touchscreen, as well as for those that use aids such as a screen reader. For public authorities, this is a legal requirement since the autumn 2020.

Credibility and system dependability

The research information is published on, clearly establishing Örebro University as sender. This provides a high degree of credibility. Our website also ranks high in Google searches, making it easier for users to find the correct information. Continuous development efforts are undertaken to ensure the website’s dependability, speed, and stability.

Web publishing at Örebro University

Heading up web publishing at Örebro University is the Office for Communication and Collaboration. There are also a large number of local web editors at schools, departments, and offices. More information on web publishing can be found on the intranet, Inforum