Örebro University School of Business

Master's Programme in Economics and Econometrics applying for Fall

Now is the time to apply for the next semester courses. The deadline for application is March 15th.


2nd year students, you should take the following courses:

Course  Week Admiss.code
Economics, Public Economics, Second Cycle, (Nationalekonomi, Offentlig ekonomi, avancerad nivåMandatory 36-40 ORU-H2646
The Economics and Politics of Entrepreneurship (Nationalekonomi, Entreprenörskapets ekonomi och politik, avancerad nivåRecommended 41-44 ORU-H2644

Macroeconomic forecasting, (Nationalekonomi, Makroekonomiska prognoser avancerad nivå)

45-02 ORU-H2651
Economics, Methods for Analysis in Economics and Finance, Second Cycle, (Nationalekonomi, Analysmetoder för nationalekonomi och finansiell ekonomi, avancerad nivå) Mandatory 45-02 ORU-H2650

Note that The Economics and Politics of Entrepreneurship are given in Swedish, while the other three are given in English.

For more course-related information please contact Henrik Jordahl This is an email address

If you have questions about choosing courses, contact the study advisors at the School of Business. You can reach them by e-mail This is an email address.

For application, you need to inform Dorotea Åhlgren (This is an email address) what courses you would like to take, at latest on March 15th.

To see if you are eligible to take a course, please read the respective syllabus of the course.