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Örebro University School of Business

Community and business

Collaboration with companies and public administration is essential to us at Örebro University School of Business, in both our teaching and our research.

To allow our students to make a connection between theory and practice, guest lectures, educational visits, and case assignments are important features on our courses and programmes. Theses and projects are also often linked to businesses and organisations in the region.

Collaboration with companies and public administration is also an important part of our research. New collaboration initiatives, such as research projects, often arise when researchers at Örebro University School of Business and representatives from businesses, organisations or government agencies exchange ideas and discuss problems.

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Advisory board

Our advisory board consists of members from a range of organisations...

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Our former students, also called alumni, are important Örebro University...

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Every year, Örebro University is awarded several scholarships...

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Contract and executive education

We offer businesses, organisations and...

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Collaborations and networks

Collaborations and networks are important to the School of...

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Honorary doctors

The following honorary doctors have a connection to Örebro University School of...

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For queries regarding alumni, media, community and business or executive education, please contact:

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