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Örebro University School of Business

Undergraduate programmes

Örebro University School of Business offers several undergraduate programmes programmes in business administration, economics, informatics, and statistics.

As a student at Örebro University School of Business you can choose to study either a study programme or freestanding courses.

We offer four undergraduate programmes, several of which have a recommended study route. However, they are still so-called free programmes, which means that you are free to combine courses while being guaranteed admission.

As a programme student you are guaranteed admission to the courses you apply for during the semesters that you are registered on your programme. This guarantee does not restrict you to study courses offered only at the School of Business. On the contrary, you have access to the whole range of courses offered at Örebro University.

In this way you have the possibility to personalise your training by choosing the subjects and courses that you consider suitable for your degree.

Applications for our study programmes are made via the online application service on University Admissions in Sweden.

Undergraduate programmes in Swedish:

Undergraduate programmes in English:

Currently, we do not offer any undergraduate study programmes in English. However, there are several courses at the undergraduate level at Örebro University School of Business where English is the language of instruction.