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Örebro University ranked among the best young universities in the world

Örebro University ranks 63 when Times Higher Education lists the best young universities in the world. The 150 under 50 ranking only includes institutions that are under 50 years old.

"Here we are compared with higher education institutions that are all on a fairly level playing field. But with our 16 years as a university, we are among the youngsters also on this list. Most universities featuring in this ranking are between 40 and 50 years old," says Örebro University's Vice-Chancellor Jens Schollin.

"And we can see that it is our research that have played the most significant role for our place on the ranking. It is being cited by other researchers to a very high degree."

Times Higher Education is one of the world's most valued university rankings. Universities are evaluated according to five criteria: teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income.

In the autumn, Örebro University placed itself among the top 350 universities out of 17,000 globally. In March, Times Higher Education ranked the universities in Europe and Örebro University then placed itself in the 161-170 band.

These rankings are of great importance when it comes to attracting international students, researchers and teachers. They provide increased national and international exposure and are an important factor in forming strategic partnerships with universities abroad.

"Our place in these rankings strengthen Örebro's position nationally and internationally and contribute to making Örebro University better known on the international arena. This is of particular importance since we are now focused in our commitment to increasing our international involvement in both research and education."

"Only last week, for example, we signed an agreement with Aston University in Birmingham, UK," says Jens Schollin.

"It is a far-reaching collaboration agreement encompassing both teaching and research, including teacher and student exchange schemes. We also see possibilities for cooperation within our administrative services."

On Times Higher Education's 150 under 50 ranking, three Swedish universities can be found: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in place 27, Linköping University in place 47, and Örebro University in place 63. No other Swedish higher education institutions are on the list.

"Our outcome in this ranking entails further expectations and responsibilities, but is entirely consistent with our strategy to develop a strong and sustainable university," concludes Jens Schollin.

Text: Linda Harradine
Translation: Charlotta Hambre-Knight