School of Medical Sciences

Phase III, Diagnostics, therapy and prevention

Phase III, Diagnostics, therapy and prevention include semesters seven to nine and consists of three courses. The detailed themes are the same as in Stage I and II, but now with a broadening and deepening of the respective themes where diagnostic strategies, specific treatment and preventive measures are discussed.

Emphasis on stage III is the knowledge area Clinical medicine but with a continued clear link to Biomedicine. Integration between different knowledge areas is partly effected through structured web-based PBL scenarios as well as patient cases retrieved from current clinical activity. Integration between the different themes is also attained through special “theme days” as well as other theoretical and directed activities during the “Campus weeks”. During this stage, the students should experience further deepening of both the overall competencies of basic health care; contemporary illness, evidence-based medicine and clinical research as well as the competences assigned to the respective knowledge areas.