School of Music, Theatre and Art

Courses for International Students

Musical Performance, Classical Music

Dedicate a semester or a year focusing on your artistic and musical development through instrument/voice and chamber music studies. Studies in the music theory field - harmony, ear training etc - give you additional preparations for a future career as a musician:

First cycle;
Music Performance, Classical Music - Chamber Music I, 30 Credits

Second cycle:
Music Performance, Classical Music - Interpretation I, 15 Credits

Two female violinists are playing together.

Musical Performance, Improvisation

Spend a semester or a year developing as a musician in the field of jazz and pop music. Under the guidance of experienced teachers at the highest level, you will participate in a creative environment, where the emphasis is on your music creation in classes such as ensemble playing, individual instrument lessons, arranging and ear training:

Music Performance, Improvisation - Jazz and Pop I, 30 Credits

Song, piano, and saxophone making music together.

Musical Composition

Take the opportunity to dedicate a year on your artistic and musical development through composition projects for different ensembles and in different genres. Studies in music theory - harmony, ear training, etc. - give you additional preparation for a future career as a composer in an ever changing global music environment: 

Music Composition and Interpretation I, 30 Credits

A classical orchestra is on stage.

Other courses for international students: