School of Science and Technology

Design and control of a mobile robot for education

The goal is to design, build and test a low-cost mobile robot which will be used in future iterations of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems master program at ORU. The structural parts of the platform will be 3D printed. The low-level setup will be based on a Raspberry Pi used to interface and control the actuators/sensors. If the cost-estimate (to be carried out after an initial design phase) allows, the robot will also be endowed with a simple manipulator/gripper setup.


  • Carry out the hardware design of a mobile robot
  • Implement low-level controllers
  • Platform assembly and testing

Necessary skills:

  • Micro-controller programming
  • Hands-on experience in hardware design/electronics
  • Control theory basics
  • Experience in the ROS ecosystem would be helpful

Contact: Robert Krug