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School of Science and Technology

Doctoral studies

The School of science and technology offers doctoral education in the subjects of biology, computer science, chemistry, mechanical engineering and mathematics. We currently have about 60 doctoral students who are studying to become researchers.

Our goal - well educatad and independant researchers

Our goal is to provide our doctoral students the knowledge and skills needed to independently conduct research after completing their education. Most of our doctoral students are both admitted to doctoral studies and employed by us with a salary during their studies.

Two types of study programs

Doctoral ecuation is the highest level in the Swedish education system. There are two types of study programmes, one that ends with a doctoral degree and one ending with a licentiate degree. The doctoral programme comprises 240 credits which is equivalent to four years of full-time study. The licentiate programme comprises 120 credits, equivalent to two years of full-time study. 

Research schools

Some of our doctoral students carry out their doctoral studies within two of the university's graduate schools: CoAIRob - Collaborative AI and Robotics and WATCH - Water challenges in sustainable planning and the built environment.

COAIRob: Our doctoral students in this research school have a close collaboration with industry in order to develop future AI systems and strengthen AI competence in companies. Read more about COAIRob.

WATCH: is a multi- and transdisciplinary research school for doctoral students in biology, chemistry, human geography, risk and environmental studies, sociology and political science. Read more about WATCH.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about doctoral education you are welcome to contact our research administrators. Send e-mail to the research administration.