School of Science and Technology

Implement & evaluate a standardised map representation

Motivation and scope

If robots from multiple vendors and of different types should work together in an environment, it is important that they can share map data in a common format. There is a recent IEEE standard for map data representation, which is XML-based and covers 2D map data. There is also ongoing work to develop a standard for 3D map data. However, there are no open implementations of this standard. The goal of this project is to implement these standards, and tools for converting between common map data representations.


Specific tasks

Implement 2D map data according to the existing standard, and a tool for robots to share and merge individual maps. Implement, partially, the current draft of the 3D standard. Implement tools for converting between other map formats and the standard formats.

Necessary skills

Good programming skills, preferrably in C++. Being comfortable with 3D geometry processing is also an advantage.


Develop experience with 3D perception and the Robot Operating System (ROS), and interact with ongoing research projects on industrial mobile robots. Connections to companies such as Electrolux and Kollmorgen Automation.


Martin Magnusson, This is an email address