School of Science and Technology

Analysis of Motion Capture Data from Latin Dance


Models of how people move when dancing has many applications: Training
dancers, simulating dancers for video games or movies, or systematic
study and comparative analysis of different dances. In this project, we
want to look into 3D motion capture data (MOCAP) recorded of two dancer
to investigate representations and models of dancing.

The exact scope is up for discussion and can be adjusted according to

Specific tasks

Implement and compare state-of-the-art algorithms for tracking dancers
in MOCAP data and learning representations and models of the dance

Necessary skills

Programming for scientific computing (e.g. loading, saving, plotting
numeric data and large scale data) and reading of scientific documents.


You will learn how to work with 3D MOCAP data and how to represent,
model, and analyze such data.


Johannes Stork