School of Science and Technology

Human and Object Detection with the RefleX Vision System

This MSc thesis project is a joint initiative between AASS and Retenua, a startup company founded by AASS researchers. Situated at the intersection of academia and industry, the project will allow the student to work with the R&D team at Retenua and get insights into the design and manufacturing process of a novel embedded camera system named RefleX.

RefleX is an industrial-purpose multi-camera system combining traditional RGB with near-infrared (NIR) stereo vision for addressing human and object detection tasks from heavy machinery in industries such as mining, construction and logistics. During the thesis project, the student will obtain a solid understanding of the working principles of the camera system and contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of algorithms and tools for sensor data processing and visualization.

Keywords: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Object and Human Detection

Contact: Rafael Mosberger