School of Science and Technology

Jacob Janecek, Quality Engineer at MathWorks

What did you like best from your studies at Örebro University?

The best element of studying Robotics at Örebro is the close interaction with the researchers at the AASS lab. One gets a great hands-on interaction and insight into the work of everyone at the AASS lab. The doors of the PhD students, post-docs and professors alike are always open to any questions one might have.

Why did you choose Robotics and Intelligent Systems at Örebro University?

Jacob JanecekHaving come from a computer science background I had a rather general interest in the field of Robotics, not knowing in any great depth about the specific topics. The desire to explore this interest further drove me to investigate programs in Robotics. I found that the course at Örebro offered a good introdution into this field. It started with some basic courses to get all students from their various backgrounds on the same page. This was followed by projects in multiple areas within the field, giving a better understanding of current research, and it was finished off with a more specialised thesis topic.

I felt this would be the ideal choice for me and I had no hesitation in applying for the program.

What are you doing now?

Following my studies at Örebro I got a job at The MathWorks, based in Cambridge in the UK. I work as a Quality Engineer for the Simulink Model Management group.