School of Science and Technology

Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Programme Curriculum

The first year of the programme consists of courses on a number of advanced techniques for intelligent systems, such as machine learning, robot sensing and control, and automatic decision-making, planning and scheduling. Students aiming for a one-year Master's programme conclude the year with a 15-ECTS MSc thesis project.

The courses are divided into four periods of 10 weeks each, and in each period two courses are given in parallel.

The optional second year has a higher focus on project work. The third semester is to a large part dedicated to Integrated Project Work, where you will work together with your course mates, deepening your understanding of the topics studied earlier by implementing a group project. The semester also contains a unique course on Mobile Robot Olfaction, which covers sensing and modelling of concepts as dynamic as turbulent gas flows. Finally, in the fourth semester you will complete a 30-ECTS MSc thesis, typically embedded in one of our ongoing international research projects or in cooperation with industrial partners. 

Year 1 Parallel courses    
Period 1 (Sep-Oct) Intro to Robotics & Intelligent Systems Sensors and Sensing  
Period 2 (Nov-Jan) Advanced AI Robot Modelling and Control  
Period 3 (Jan-Mar) Machine Learning Probabilistic Robotics  
Period 4 (Apr-Jun) Multi-Agent Systems Planning and Scheduling option: 60-ECTS MSc Thesis
Year 2      
Period 1 (Sep-Oct) Integrated Project Work Mobile Robot Olfaction
Period 2 (Nov-Jan)  
Period 3 (Jan-Mar) 120-ECTS MSc Thesis 
Period 4 (Apr-Jun)

The course plans are available below: