School of Science and Technology

Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Programme Curriculum

The first year of the programme consists of courses on a number of advanced techniques for intelligent systems, such as machine learning, robot sensing and control, and automatic decision-making, planning and scheduling. Students aiming for a one-year Master's programme conclude the year with a 15-ECTS MSc thesis project.

The courses are divided into four periods of 10 weeks each, and in each period two courses are given in parallel.

The optional second year focuses on project work and a semester-long Master's Thesis, as well as a unique course in our programme: Mobile Robot Olfaction, which covers 

Year 1 Parallel courses    
Period 1 (Sep-Oct) Intro to Robotics & Intelligent Systems Sensors and Sensing  
Period 2 (Nov-Jan) Advanced AI Robot Modelling and Control  
Period 3 (Jan-Mar) Machine Learning Probabilistic Robotics  
Period 4 (Apr-Jun) Multi-Agent Systems Planning and Scheduling option: 60-ECTS MSc Thesis
Year 2      
Period 1 (Sep-Oct) Integrated Project Work Mobile Robot Olfaction
Period 2 (Nov-Jan)  
Period 3 (Jan-Mar) 120-ECTS MSc Thesis 
Period 4 (Apr-Jun)