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Public defence - hybrid

The public defence of a doctoral thesis at ORU takes place on site and in person. However, when necessary, it is possible for one or more of the participants with an official role in the public defence to take part digitally; in a so-called hybrid public defence.

The aim is that all those with a given role at a public defence should, whenever possible, attend in person at the time of the public defence. That said, long travel distances can be associated with challenges, both from an environmental and a time perspective. Thus, in order to encourage participation from international opponents and examination committee members, the Schools are free to offer them the option to take part digitally. However, at least one of the examination committee members (it is suggested that this is the chair of the examination committee) should take part in person on site in order to deal with any practical questions in relation to the examination committee's meeting.

For further information, please see the following document: Fakultetsgemensam vägledning för digitalt deltagande vid disputationer (only in Swedish)

Please note that if the opponent or an examination committee member plans on taking part digitally, a short text stating this should be sent in along with the proposal for the public defence of the thesis.

Public defence, with IT-support

The IT department offers different options for support in conjunction with a public defence.

Start-up help

Irrespective of whether all of those involved in the public defence are taking part on site or someone is taking part digitally via Zoom, the IT department offers start-up help. This involves an AV-technician coming to the booked hall in plenty of time before the public defence is due to start and being there at the start, to ensure that all technology in the room is working and in order. Once that is done, the AV-technician will leave the hall, but will be reachable via our usual support channels.

Start-up help is booked via: This is an email address or by phone at 3250, choose button 2.

Run-through of the technology, with participants who are taking part digitally, prior to a public defence

If your public defence will involve an opponent or members of the examining committee taking part digitally, you can book a time with an AV-technician and get a run-through of the technology-side of things in preparation for the public defence. To ensure that an AV-technician is available, we ask that you book this run-through in plenty of time before the public defence. Our AV-technicians will then give a run-through of the technical equipment in the hall and advise on how to set up a good arrangement for those taking part via Zoom.

A run-though is booked via: or by phone at 3250, choose button 2.

AV-support throughout the whole of the public defence, with the opponent or examining committee taking part digitally

In order to book an AV-technician to be in attendance at a public defence where an opponent or members of the examining committee are taking part digitally, please email This is an email address in order to book this support. In your mail, let us know the room, time and date for the public defence as well as the time and date for a run-though of the technology side of things if this is required.

A webinar for a public defence with digital attendance is to be created by the school administrator in accordance with the following instructions (an instructional video is available in Swedish via the link below):

  1. Open a new incognito window in Chrome (Archive -> New incognito window)
  2. Insert the address:
  3. Log in using the log-in details sent to you separately  (NB. Do not share account details with anyone other than the research administrator at your school) 
  4. Click on Webinar -> Schedule a webinar
  5. Under Select a template choose ”Template” and name the public defence, click on Schedule at the bottom.
  6. On the next page, locate Invite panelists and click on Edit on the right-hand side of the same row. Insert the names and email addresses to those who will be actively participating the public defence. 
  7. Under Invite attendees you will find the link that you need to send to attendants.

Link to instructional film, available with Swedish speech only: Hur man skapar ett webinar anpassat för digital disputation 

A maximum of two public defences, with full AV-support, can be completed per day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Get in touch with the School’s research administrators at an early stage in order to find out about available dates and to book a date for the public defence. Public defences with full AV-support must be booked in halls L2, F or C1.

A public defence with audience members taking part digitally
The IT-department is not responsible for making arrangements for audience members taking part digitally. If you have such requirements, the School is responsible for arranging a link for audience members to use. Information on how this is done can of course be obtained from the IT-department.

Information is obtained via: This is an email address or by phone 3250, choose button 2.