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Doctoral studies in Biology

In the subject of biology, living organisms are studied, from the molecular level up to interactions between organisms and their living environment in entire ecosystems. Basic research in biology constitutes the precondition for successful application within natural science, life science, medicine, technology and environmental efforts. Thus, research and research studies in biology are basic preconditions for e.g. the pharmaceutical and food industries, other biotechnological industry, as well as for the agricultural and forestry sectors.

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The subject’s multi-disciplinary links to other natural science and technical disciplines, as well as to society and mankind as a whole, make the subject a cornerstone of great significance to the understanding of the way in which human activity affects not only local ecosystems and global environmental resources, but also the preconditions for life’s continued existence.

Biology research at Örebro University is at present conducted within four main areas: (1) molecular-biological and physiological processes in living organisms and their interactions with the environment; (2) ecological processes, including their significance for species’ adaptation to and survival in nature; (3) toxicological processes, including a mechanistic understanding of environmental problems; (4) microbiological processes including their significance for the environment and health. These research areas are already today strongly developed and are in several ways linked to national and local government, as well as to industry and commerce.

Within the subject area, research studies are offered with specialisations in life science, in collaboration with the chemistry department, as well as in environmental science.