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Doctoral studies in Disability Research

Örebro University cooperates closely with the University of Linköping and Jönköping University. Cooperation takes place within the Swedish Institute for Disability Research (SIDR). SIDR has a doctoral program in disability science which are the leader in Europe!

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Centrally in the studies is to impart to the student insight into disability and disability from different research perspectives and research problems. These are studied with essentially two basic dimensions as a starting point: one dimension is individual and society, and is about to start from the individual's circumstances, perspectives and problems or to make social analyzes of the disabled conditions. The second dimension is the nature and culture and the importance of being able to carry Disability Research from clear scientific, technical and medical problems as a starting point to understanding impairment and disability where various cultural and social scientific analytical approach emphasized. Within the problem area, the student will integrate and combine knowledge from several different scientific perspectives.

Within the Swedish Institute for Disability Research is the research school HEAD, HEAD stands for HEaring And Deafness. Within the framework of the PhD program at Örebro University offers the opportunity to participate in the research school. The research school is working closely with the Linnaeus Centre HEAD, both Linnaeus Centre and the research school are supported by the Research Council.

Information about doctoral courses

Doctoral students in Disability Research are encouraged to take two doctoral courses at Linköping University and Jönköping University. 

Read the course syllabus for the course "Disability Research, 7,5 credits" here. For more information and application please contact Josefine Andin at Linköping University.

Read the course syllabus for the course "Conducting Research with and about Persons with an Impairment or Disability, 5 credits" here. For more information and application please contact Karina Huus at Jönköping University.