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Doctoral studies in Media and Communication Studies

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Media and Communication Studies at Örebro University runs a postgraduate programme leading to a doctoral degree (PhD). The programme comprises 240 Swedish higher education credits (hp) of which 75 credits can be gained within specialized courses and 165 through thesis work. The doctoral training takes place during four years and ends with a public defence of research student's doctoral dissertation. During their studies, doctoral candidates are supervised by professorial staff in Media and Communication Studies at Örebro University.

The doctoral program includes a number of mandatory courses encompassing research methods and key research traditions in media and communication. In addition, a number of optional courses is offered and can be chosen in line with research student's interest and research focus. Doctoral students also have the opportunity to take relevant courses at other universities. It is compulsory for research students to attend as well as present during regular departmental research seminars in Media and Communication Studies.

The research studies are closely linked to the research projects and programs conducted within and across different research teams within the subject Media and Communication Studies at Örebro University.