"The best thing about my job is feeling like the work I do matters"

Malin Falkeling

Malin Falkeling

After graduating from Örebro University, Malin Falkeling started working at the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) as a trainee in the areas of information security and IT security. The Master's Programme in Information Systems - Information Security Management prepared her with the knowledge needed to help ensure that the agency's information is handled securely.

How did you come to choose the Master’s Programme in Information Systems - Information Security Management at Örebro University?

The Master’s programme felt like a great continuation of my bachelor’s degree which focused on systems development. I felt like studying information security management could make me a more informed developer and also open even more doors in terms of possible career paths. Information security also felt like a relevant and important subject to study given that the number and scale of cyberattacks and incidents keep increasing year after year.  

What is it like to study to become an Information Security Manager?

I learnt a lot during these two years. Going in I really had no knowledge of information security but the programme eases you into it. The first year you gain a more broad understanding of what information security is and there is a mix of theoretical and practical elements. You’re introduced to a lot of new concepts in the beginning and then you learn how to apply them throughout the second semester. The second year goes a bit deeper as you prepare to take on research. 

How is student life in Örebro?

If you are new on campus there are lots of activities that can help you get involved and get to know other students. As I commuted from another city I really liked that you don’t have to leave campus throughout the day, everything you need is there. There are cafés and restaurants, and lots of areas to sit and study with others. 

How do you see the future in the field of information security management?

We’ve seen that attackers are becoming more organised and sophisticated and that the other side has to work hard to keep up with their methods. We’re also opening ourselves up to new vulnerabilities as our lives become more and more digital. I can only hope that this field will attract more attention and resources to help combat that.

What do you do at work? And what is the best thing about your job?

I am currently working as a trainee at a government agency. As a trainee, I get an insight into the work of all the agency’s departments. Part of my job is to help create policies and rules for information security, as well as scope out trends and areas of improvement.

The best thing about my job is feeling like the work I do matters. Working with information security at a government agency means you contribute to protecting Sweden and its citizens. I can also really appreciate that no day is the same as the one before. Challenges arise that have to be tackled and you’re always learning something new.

How did you experience Örebro University?

I really enjoyed the years I spent at Örebro University. It’s quite a young university compared to others in Sweden and it feels like it’s still growing and developing. The professors at the informatics department are extremely informed and up-to-date on new research so it definitely felt like I was graduating with the latest knowledge.

How is the job market for Information Security Managers?

It seems that there is high demand for people in this field. Even before graduating, companies were calling me wanting to set up an interview. You are highly sought after with this type of background and I don't think that will change anytime soon.

What are your best tips for future students in this Master’s programme?

One tip I have is to stay updated on current events relating to information security. I chose the topic of my thesis based on an incident that was being reported on in the media at that time. I would also say to make use of the professors’ knowledge. They’re there to help you and want you to succeed. 

Text: Shang Gao