"Örebro University has everything you could ask for"

Carlos Aleix Llovet standing in front of the Örebro Castle.

“Swedes are extremely welcoming and warm. And my professors are incredible!” says Carlos Aleix Llovet from Spain, a student in the Master’s Programme in Public Planning for Sustainable Development at Örebro University.

What has it been like studying the Master’s Programme in Public Planning for Sustainable Development at Örebro University?

“Studying in Örebro has been nothing short of an amazing experience. A Master’s programme here progresses faster than in Spain. The amount of work outside the classroom, reading and preparing for lectures, is a new learning challenge. And my professors are incredible! They’re real experts in their respective fields, and their passion for education makes for great lectures.”

Why did you choose the Master’s Programme in Public Planning for Sustainable Development at Örebro University?

“I chose the Master’s programme above others because of its unique blend of sociology, political science, and human geography. Sweden is a pioneer in ecology and sustainable development, and Örebro, with its nature reserves nearby, was my obvious choice. As most Swedes speak excellent English, studying in Örebro is perfect for polishing and practising your English and learning basic Swedish.”

How is Örebro as a student city?

“Örebro University has everything you could ask for. Restaurants, cafés, a bookshop and library, a gym, running tracks, and even an on-campus pub. Örebro is surrounded by nature reserves, perfect for hiking or mountain biking. There’s Örebro Castle and the old town of Wadköping, an impressive number of lovely parks, and a variety of pubs, restaurants, music venues and more.”

And on the social side of studies?

“I’ve made lots of friends while studying in Örebro. Not least, many international students from all over the world through the activities organised by the International Office. I’ve found that Swedes are extremely welcoming and warm, far from the ‘formal and distant’ stereotype.”

What would you say is your dream job?

“I’ll likely pursue a PhD later in my career, but right now, I’m totally focused on my Master’s. Education is one of the most powerful tools for raising awareness and advocating for green consciousness, particularly locally, in securing a more sustainable future. Working in local or regional administration would allow me to make a real impact and touch people’s lives. ‘Every rock makes up the wall’, as we say in Spanish.”

Do you have any tips for someone who is considering applying?

“As the application process is time-consuming, I recommend working on it every day. Secondly, work on finding housing as soon as possible. Start looking and applying for housing, even before you’re accepted into the programme – at the municipal housing company ÖBO and other property owners. I found a lovely flat through one of the many Facebook groups I joined, which I wouldn’t have thought of in my home country.”


Text: Jerry Gray
Photo: Private