Rewarding international studies – for life

Christopher Bengalie Kabah and Joachim Kouassi n Goran walking and talking.

Master’s students Christopher Bengalie Kabah and Joachim Kouassi n Goran have found their time in Örebro to be very appealing. “After studying at Örebro University my love for research has doubled.”

Örebro University as first choice

The two Master’s students knew early on that Örebro would be an influential stepping stone in their future. Joachim says that it was an orientation advisor who first brought Örebro University to his attention.

“Afterwards, it was clear that I wanted to study at Örebro, so much so that I applied only here.” Christopher based his decision to continue his studies primarily on the Master’s programme description. Wanting to concentrate fully on his studies, he also applied for a scholarship.

“Örebro University already topped my shortlist, so the privilege of being awarded a scholarship simply confirmed my decision.”

Interactive lectures and lifetime friendships

Interactivity with professors and fellow students in lectures and seminars is a new experience.

“Professors here are very patient and try to approach students individually, which helped me to perform to the best of my ability,” adds Christopher Bengalie Kabah.

Studying together with students of different nationalities is also a gratifying cultural experience. Christopher is from Liberia, and Joachim is from the Ivory Coast. At first, they were just fellow students. But after spending so much time studying together, they have become close friends.

“We will certainly be like a family after our time here at Örebro University,” says Joachim Kouassi n Goran.

A student-friendly, green Örebro
Both speak warmly of the lifestyle in Örebro. “Örebro is a very student-friendly town, and everything here is so well organized,” says Christopher. He also relishes the campus’s closeness, “Everyone here rides a bike all year round. And taking a walk in the nearby forest can refresh your mind during a study break.”

On campus, Joachim Kouassi n Goran very much appreciates the University Library.

“The library is at the core of my research projects. It’s well-equipped, and I can find everything I need to support me in my studies, with literature that is always up-to-date. I find it inspirational and especially like the large glass front with its beautiful view of the natural surroundings.”

Christopher Bengalie Kabah and Joachim Kouassi n Goran sitting in front of Entréhuset

“My international studies were so rewarding for me – and my life.”

After graduation, both speak wholeheartedly of returning to their home countries to play an active role in their communities and contribute to the development of Africa.

“Based on what I have learned here in Örebro and the network which I have built up, I want to contribute to the development of the Ivory Coast and Africa,” says Joachim Kouassi n Goran about his future.

Christopher Bengalie Kabah shares his friend’s enthusiasm, “I believe Sweden to be a positive role model for sustainable development. My studies in Örebro have introduced new approaches to me, which I want to present and discuss with local politicians in Liberia. I not only recommend Örebro University, but I will also make it clear that my international studies were so rewarding for me and my life.”

Translation: Jerry Gray