Örebro University was my first choice – I would like to do a PhD here.

Eva Craane

Meet Eva Craane from the Netherlands, who studies in the Master's Programme in Social Analysis at Örebro University. “There’s a nice student culture here. Making new friends is easy.”

What influenced your decision to come and study in Örebro, Sweden?

“Being from Amsterdam, I was looking for a smaller city instead of a big, busy city capital. I guess you’d say a place that would be more approachable for someone new.”

Why did you choose the international Master’s programme in Social Analysis at Örebro University?

“After finishing my bachelor’s in combined anthropology and sociology in Amsterdam, I was looking for something new and concluded that social analysis would be a good continuation. There aren’t many one-year international Master’s programmes out there,  but I discovered that Örebro University has several. A smaller, more intimate university that would be a bit easier for me to get to know within a year. So it was my first choice.”

How would you describe studying at Örebro University?

“I guess the main difference is that it’s been more independent, which I think is good. We’re nine students in all, which I like. This lets you have more personal time with teachers. You can ask specific questions, and discussions are better than if you’re more people.”

How would you describe Örebro as a student city?

“Everyone speaks great English here, making everything more approachable, knowing you can still make yourself understood if you speak English. There’s a nice student culture here, with organised student activities for the international students as a group, like when we went on a tour of the castle here. It’s just a 10-minute bike ride, and you’re in the middle of nature, which I find calming. At the same time, the downtown is just a few minutes away.”

And on the social side of studies?

“Making new friends is easier when you’re in similar circumstances. You get to know those you’re studying with since you’re together a lot. I’ve gotten to know many very nice people. Everyone’s been very warm, inviting and friendly.” 

What are your future goals after completing your Master’s in social analysis? Do you have a dream job?

“So far, I’ve really enjoyed living here, so if my education continues, I think Örebro could be a nice city to settle for a bit longer. I think I would like to do a PhD if I qualify. Generally speaking, I would like to focus on increasing livability within cities and increasing social cohesion. To make people’s lives within their city better. My focus will be on working within a municipality, either in Sweden or back home.”

Finally, do you have any tips or ideas you would like to share?
“Make sure to start the application process in good time since the deadline for international students is much earlier. I used the website Study in Sweden a lot. About finding accommodation, I added myself to 10 or more Facebook groups about housing before I moved here.”