Igor Wladimir Moura Sanna

Igor Wladimir Moura Sanna

Igor Wladimir Moura Sanna from Brazil studies the Sports Physiology and Medicine Programme.

Why did you apply for the Master's Programme in Sports Physiology in Örebro?

As a former professional athlete, sports have always been a great passion – ever since when I was a child. I completed my Bachelor in Physiotherapy and decided to take my studies further in the field of sports medicine somewhere I could have a solid learning experience. After doing extensive research on Master's programmes worldwide I realised this programme would perfectly suit my needs so I applied for it.

What are your first impressions?

Since I come from practically the other side of the world, Brazil, I did a great deal of reading about Örebro University and the programme itself. I went through the website a few times and looked for pictures on the Internet. Even after extensively looking at pictures I was very impressed with the campus when I got here. It is much larger than I thought and very well constructed with many different ambient settings for studying, playing sports and leisure. Pictures really don't do it justice!

Would you recommend others to apply for the Master's Programme in Sports Physiology?

If you are a student who is interested in taking your sports medicine knowledge to the next level and be involved in the different aspects and current topics of sports physiology, this is your programme!

What are your impressions of campus and Örebro town?

The town is really beautiful! It is a smaller city where you still can find pretty much everything, besides being located between two great European capitals. I am really enjoying the smaller city lifestyle since I have lived in a bunch of large cities all my life. It is a great place to be a student with a lot of green areas around town and a large forest close to campus. The relaxing atmosphere around campus has been essential for a good learning experience.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to learn more and more, take the next step to a PhD programme and be able to pass along some of the knowledge I am acquiring by teaching new students.