Student Accommodation

It is important to begin securing accommodation as soon as you are offered a study place at Örebro University. The university offers single occupancy accommodation to students coming from outside EU/EES-countries and Switzerland, but this is not guaranteed - the sooner you apply and explore all options, the better!

Student Accommodation in Örebro

Örebro University can offer accommodation for individuals who apply directly. This accommodation is located in buildings around campus.

For students intending to live as individuals, they can apply for accomodation directly at our Housing office once they have received their admission results. You can apply for either one year or two years, depending on the length of your studies.

Students from EU/EES-countries and Switzerland as well as Families/groups cannot live in our accommodation. If you intend to find accommodation for multiple people - with family or friends - you will need to secure your own private accommodation for the duration of your studies.

There are several private rental agencies located in Örebro, which can be contacted to discuss potential rental options if you do not intend to live as an individual.

Dorm room accommodation on campus (Studentgatan).

Campus Accommodation (For Individuals)

Find out more about our dorm room accommodation - for single occupants only!

Accommodation for Multiple Occupants

Örebro University cannot provide accommodation for multiple people. If you are intending to live with multiple people - eg. with your family - you will need to find your own private accommodation for the length of your studies.

The best way to do this would be contact private landlords/agencies and ask about available properties. You can find a list of companies in Örebro here:

List of Private Rental Companies in Örebro

Alternatively, you can search for available rentals on open markets on multiple letting sites. Here are a few options:

The websites above are in Swedish - please use a browser translation (eg. Google Translation) to assist you. You can phone companies directly, or send messages on the rental sites.


If you do not have accommodation secured before your studies commence, you may not be able to study - this could then affect your right to reside in Sweden. Please make sure that you explore all housing options before arriving in Sweden.