Terms for Campus Accommodation (for Master’s Students) - Örebro University (oru.se)

Terms for campus accommodation (for Master’s students)

Before arrival

Note! If you drop out from your programme, please contact the Housing Office - This is an email address - as soon as possible.

About your arrival plans:

  •   Please provide us with your arrival date. (The Housing Office is closed on weekends and outside regular office hours.)
  • If you plan to arrive outside office hours or on the weekend, you must arrange overnight accommodation elsewhere.

On arrival

  • Upon signing the rental agreement, you must show that rent is paid one rental period in advance. Otherwise, you need to arrange for overnight accommodation elsewhere until paid.
  • Key pick up and rental agreement signing is at the Housing Office.
  • Important! You must be here no later than the day your semester starts to register for your programme (you have received information about semester dates from your programme coordinator). If you have made other arrangements, you must inform the Housing Office.
  •  Late registration may jeopardise your place on the accommodation waiting list. This means you risk losing access to the accommodation which you have applied or been approved for.

The accommodation

  • You will be allocated a room in a corridor close to Campus Örebro.
  • If you bring a partner, family or a friend, we cannot provide or assist you in finding accommodation. Instead, you must arrange private accommodation for the duration of your studies in Sweden.
  •  Accommodation is suited for one person, simply furnished with a mattress on the bed.

Payment of rent

  • Rent for one rental period must be paid in advance no later than 15 August, plus a deposit in the event of any non-approved cleaning after departure.
  • If you are a one-year student, you pay two (2) rental periods in total.
    If you are a two-year student, you pay four (4) rental periods in total.
  • Rent must be paid in advance by 15 August or 15 December, respectively.
  • If you arrive earlier than 15 August and need early access to your accommodation, rent for the additional days will be invoiced separately.

Terminate contract/rental agreement

  • Termination before the end of your tenancy requires a one (1) month’s notice. Note: whole calendar months apply.

Summer discount

  •  If you are a two-year student, you are eligible for a summer discount between your first and second year.
  • The rent discount is calculated as follows: half the rent in June, no rent (free) in July, and half the rent in August.
  • Note: annual rent increases each August, meaning rent will be higher than in June.

Extend lease

  • If you are a one-year student or at the end of your second year, and you wish to extend your rental agreement during the summer period, you must pay an extra rental period in advance no later than 15 May. If you extend until the end of June, you pay half a month’s rent. If you extend until the end of July, you pay one and a half month’s rent.