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GDPR – Information to students participating in online teaching

Örebro University safeguards your integrity and processes your personal data with great care, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In practice, this means that we as far as possible avoid saving recorded material in which students participate. Here you can read more on how we use digital tools for education at Örebro University and how your personal data are processed.

Online teaching

Except for the fact that teaching is now offered online due to the coronavirus, teaching should not be treated any differently than when it is offered on campus.

Online teaching (lectures, seminars, workshops, supervision) conducted in real time using videoconferencing software may not be recorded.

The reason why we do not record online teaching conducted in real time is that students should have the opportunity to ask questions in writing, by using the chat function, or orally, through sound and video, without being recorded. Should technical difficulties with for example the software make it impossible to conduct or conclude the teaching session as planned, the teacher must treat this in the same manner as a fire evacuation of a lecture hall. The teacher can either schedule a new class or cancel the class and give students access to the contents in a different manner.

The only exception from the above is in the case of activities that will be recorded as per the course syllabus. As indicated in the course syllabus, such activities are saved, stored and destroyed by Örebro University in accordance with the GDPR, the university’s information management plan and the Swedish Archives Act.

Online examination

If online examinations (oral exams, degree project seminars, assessed seminars, etc.) are conducted in real time using videoconferencing software, teachers need to have a basis for their assessment. This means that each teacher can choose between making notes during the examination or recording the examination (sound and video).

In cases in which a teacher chooses to record the examination, the general regulation at Örebro University is that the teacher should document the recording in writing during assessment and that the recording is destroyed after assessment. The written documentation constitutes an official document that can be requested by the public. The teacher is responsible for handling the written documentation in accordance with the university’s information management plan.

More information

For further information on how Örebro University processes personal data, contact your lecturers, seminar convenors, teachers or This is an email address.