Centre for Academic Development

Tips for online teaching

Are you in need of revising portions of your teaching due to the corona virus outbreak? This resource gives you concrete examples of how you can do it.

It is wise to consider whether some on-campus teaching may be replaced by online teaching. Here are two good possibilities available at Örebro University. The first involves recording lectures and making them available via Blackboard. The other consists of creating discussions and group lessons via Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate (for Ultra). Below you will find guidance and recommendations for how you, as a teacher, can use our digital resources to ensure that teaching continues even for students who are not on campus or if the university closes.

1. Teach students remotely

Version 1 – synchronous teaching

Version 2 – asynchronous teaching

Version 3 – all teaching moves to Blackboard

2. Teaching cancelled

  • Post a message in the learning platform

  • Post tasks to solve in Blackboard, preferably with peer review.

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