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New teaching and learning environments

The purpose of the project “New learning environments” was to develop the learning environments at the university so that they can provide a challenging education in stimulating learning environments and enable a high-quality and innovative educational content that meet the needs of future competencies. The focus of the project was on teacher education students, as well as developing learning environments throughout the entire university.

The project is extensive and include multiple aspects of learning environments and conditions to create and develop these at Örebro university. The project builds upon Örebro University’s vision to contribute to a knowledge-based societal development and operationalization of the educational philosophy.


  • Develop the teacher education students and other students learning environments.
  • Increase elements of focus on future competencies, especially in the teacher education program and also in other programs.
  • Create operative structures for collaboration between the parties that are responsible for these issues at the university.



Magnus Hansson

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: Örebro University School of Business

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Magnus Hansson