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Sustainable development

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Sustainable development at Örebro University

Örebro University is an active and responsible player with regards to the UN’s sustainable development agenda, Agenda 2030, and its global goals. By integrating education, research and continuous improvements in its environmental activities, equal opportunities and the study and work environment, our University is advancing its sustainable development efforts further. Let us tell you how.

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Doing it right

We work actively with environmental matters. As we say, doing it right should be easy.

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Equal opportunity

We think everyone should be able to study and work here.

Room for improvement

We welcome suggestions for how we can improve and develop our sustainable development efforts.

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Örebro University is committed to sustainable development permeating all of its activities. The basis for our efforts is laid out in Chapter 1, Section 5 of the Higher Education Act: “In the course of their operations, higher education institutions shall promote sustainable development to assure for present and future generations a sound and healthy environment, economic and social welfare, and justice.”

Örebro University’s policy for sustainable development sets out the University’s level of ambition as that of being an active and responsible player in the work with the UN’s sustainable development agenda, Agenda 2030, and its global goals. Our efforts aim to guarantee sound living conditions for future generations, locally as well as globally.

Working to integrate all three dimensions of sustainable development in its operations, the University has chosen to include and bring together environment, equal opportunity, as well as work and study environment under the same umbrella in its sustainable development efforts.

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Platform for a sustainable future at Örebro University

We need to radically change society if we are to create a sustainable future. With the aim of contributing to this endeavour, Örebro University is now pooling its sustainability expertise with the vision “Multidisciplinarity for a sustainable future”. Within this platform, we focus on education, research and collaboration to create conditions for change.

If you have questions on environment, you are welcome to contact:

Elin Weiss

Position: Controller School/office: Executive Office

Profile page: Elin Weiss


Phone: +46 19 301240

Room: E3238

Elin Weiss

Louise Åhlman

Position: Controller School/office: Executive Office

Profile page: Louise Åhlman


Phone: +46 19 302409

Room: E3277

Louise Åhlman