Information about photographs taken/filming at Örebro University

Personal data in the form of photographs and films, with or without name, is processed and stored by the University as a means of documenting our activities, disseminating information to the public, and effecting growing interest in the University's activities, courses and study programmes. As a result, there is a possibility that you will be photographed/filmed in connection with various events taking place at the University, on or off campus.

At Örebro University, taking photographs/filming and the associated data storage may be undertaken with reference to one or several of the following lawful bases:

  1. Public interest (for example news reporting)
  2. Contract (remuneration paid)
  3. Consent (no remuneration paid)

When public interest cannot be cited as the lawful basis for the processing involved, you can give your consent to Örebro University using photographs/films where you appear, with or without name, in the ways described below. In cases where you receive remuneration, you also enter into a model release agreement which means that you cannot withdraw your consent to the University using the photographs/film unless special grounds exist.

How the photographs/films may be used

When you give your consent to or sign a model release agreement concerning Örebro University using photographs/films of you from the photo/film session in question, Örebro University has the right to use these in any media and for both editorial and marketing purposes. The photographs/films may, for example, be used on the Internet, in advertising, brochures, as press images, or by our collaboration partners, that is, a third party, within education and research.

Photographs/films will be removed when they are no longer considered relevant, however, no later than 15 years from the time of shooting. This means that after that point, the photographs/films will no longer be used. A selection of the photographs/films will, however, be archived on a regular basis.

Örebro University has the right to edit and crop the photographs/films in question so that these can be used for the purpose intended.

Social media exposure

Örebro University is marketing itself on social media as well as on other platforms and media based in third countries, that is, outside of the EU/EEA. Since Örebro University is not able to prevent other uses of the photographs/films posted on these media than those outlined above, we need your express consent to the transfer of your personal data (photograph/name).

Processing of personal data

By giving your consent or signing a model release agreement concerning Örebro University using photographs/films where you appear, you agree to Örebro University processing your personal data to the extent necessary for the management of the project in question. Personal data includes the photographs/films in question, as well as other data about you as an individual, for example name and contact details.


If you want us to stop using the photographs/films in new material/publications, you have, in some cases, the right to request this. If so, contact the school/department/office in question at Örebro University via the switchboard, on +46 19 30 30 00. If you would like to know more about how your personal data is used or feel that we have processed your personal data incorrectly, please contact Örebro University's data protection officer, switchboard +46 19 30 30 00.

If you have complaints of how Örebro University is processing your personal data you can also turn to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

By providing this information, Örebro University considers you to be in receipt of the information you are entitled to under the General Data Protection Regulation, Sections 7, 13 and 49.