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Green plants that shape a world map.

We work actively with environmental matters. The goal is that our activities should have as little environmental impact as possible and that everyone active here at Örebro University should be given the possibility to contribute to this. Doing it right should be easy, and we implement measures ranging from energy use in our facilities to recycling, food and transportation.

We are working extensively to increase the proportion of virtual meetings, that is, meetings that are carried out online in real time by phone, video or web, instead of meeting face-to-face. Although virtual meetings can never replace all physical meetings, for some types of meetings it is the perfect option. If we can replace some of our physical meetings with virtual meetings, we can save both money and time as well as their impact on our environment.

We participate in the project REMM – virtual meetings in Swedish public agencies, as well as being active in the regional project for sustainable travel in Region Örebro County.

As a government agency, we are required to implement an environmental management system to ensure that environmental work is integrated in and permeates all University activities so that we continuously take into consideration environmental matters in fulfilling our mandate.

The following components are included in the environmental management system:

  • Environmental policy
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up
  • Management review
  • Continuous improvement