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Equal opportunity

Signs with the word diversity and equality.

To realise our vision of being a prominent leading towards a knowledge-driven society, we need to create the right conditions for anyone to be able to study and work at the University, regardless of their sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

No individual or group shall be excluded, and there shall be zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

As a university, we also have an obligation to work with active measures based on the Discrimination Act, as both an employer and a provider of higher education. Our current focus is on gender equality across Örebro University as a whole. This work includes the content and implementation of teaching and learning, research conditions and career paths as well as our overall management and control processes.

A more gender equal Örebro University will increase the quality of our activities, as the skills, perspectives and contributions of both men and women will be considered and made use of. An equal Örebro University will also encourage learning for all students and promote equal opportunities for a potential career at the University.

Our work for gender equality also addresses the task by the government to Örebro University and other higher education institutions to develop a plan for gender mainstreaming. The aim is that our activities will contribute to the achievement of the gender equality policy goal that women and men should have the same power to shape society and their own lives. The mission’s final report is due in 2019.

We also work with other activities for equal opportunities. For example, we endorse and embrace in Örebro Pride every year to manifest human rights, and we work actively to increase accessibility for people with disabilities, both regarding facilities, in communication and activities in general.

If you have questions about our work on gender equality, you are welcome to contact:

Katarina Bååth

Title: Manager School/office: Office for Academic Policy

Profile page: Katarina Bååth


Phone: +46 19 302116

Room: E3202

Katarina Bååth