Örebro University – leading towards a knowledge-driven society

The university's role in society is to seek out, advance and spread knowledge, as well as to identify, analyse, and problematise future challenges. Our university is a place – in both the abstract and physical sense – for critical thinking, learning, debate, and questioning, with mutual respect and the capacity to take on a variety of perspectives. We are society’s living memory, its cutting edge, and its critical mirror, but also a searchlight pointing into and scanning the future.

Örebro University upholds the fundamental academic core values of academic freedom, ethics, integrity, and quality in education and research. Our approach and working methods stand firmly on our common core values – a scientific approach, dedication, and participation.

The unbridled search for knowledge constitutes the core of our activities. We are recognised for independence, objectivity and bildung. We maintain an open and critical approach. We allow ourselves time for thought and reflection.

We are active and forward-thinking. We are dedicated, curious and innovative. The driving force to develop and attain good results is a key to the university’s success. We have the courage to review and think differently. In our quality efforts, we learn from both achievements and setbacks.

Our work is based on a holistic approach to our operations and a will to learn from one another. We develop knowledge in close collaboration with our students, the scientific community and the surrounding world. Our working environment is characterised by equality, openness, trust and respect.

Örebro University’s overall vision is to be a university leading towards a knowledge-driven society. This requires continuous progress and the courage to review and challenge the course of our activities.

Our vision is reflected in our priorities and choices; it steers towards a robust advancement of research and increased presence and visibility in society. High quality in our research and education is a matter of course. Collaboration with the surrounding society for mutual benefit is an integral part of our activities, and a sustainable approach permeates all the university’s activities.


Increased research volume while sustaining high quality
Strategic profiling and increased visibility

Our research is of high quality, makes an impact both nationally and internationally, and we fare well in the competition for external research funding. Our priorities provide the conditions for excellence, positioning, profiling, and strong growth in research. The university’s activities are equally divided between research and education. We study what has been, what is and what is to come – with a strong ethical compass. Our research results are openly accessible and effectively communicated to both the scientific community and the general public. International collaboration is a prerequisite for development and quality. Doctoral students and junior researchers have excellent opportunities for development and the acquisition of qualifications. We collaborate across disciplines and with industry, the public sector, and civil society to identify and develop solutions to challenges facing society. By combining tradition with innovation, we have the ability to turn research knowledge into practice.


High quality and attractiveness
Leading-edge higher education pedagogy

Our study programmes are an attractive choice for both national and international students. With professionally oriented programmes as our core, Örebro University is a place for education, further training, and lifelong learning. Links with research and global perspectives are natural elements in all our study programmes. We create conditions for active learning through the development of higher education pedagogy and by using innovative pedagogy. Our doctoral programmes offer both academic breadth and specialisation and provide opportunities for external collaboration. Doctoral students have excellent opportunities to develop autonomy as future researchers and teachers. Good research practice and ethics are well integrated into the doctoral programmes. Our alumni actively contribute to the development of our activities and to our good standing.


Proximity and cooperation
Strategic recruitment and skills development

Örebro University is not just a university; it is one university. Our campuses are the centre of both our education and our research. There is room for researchers, teachers, and students to come together with continuous development and sustainability in focus. We collaborate and learn across organisational and professional boundaries and are supported by proactive professional services. Physical and organisational proximity facilitates interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration within and between faculties and schools and between administrative departments and units. There is also an openness between student and teacher that contributes strongly to the development of our study programmes and the progress of our students.

Our employees are Örebro University. They create, conduct, and develop our operations with quality as their highest priority. Our collegial working methods are the driving force for qualitative development in close interaction with the line organisation. We recruit strategically and with care based on the long-term needs of research and education. Research and education are the communicating vessels – where our researchers are teachers, and our teachers are researchers. Our staff’s expertise and time are utilised with respect and efficacy, and opportunities for development and career advancement are excellent. We are each other’s working environment – and we work together to achieve the university’s goals. Continuous follow-up, innovation, and monitoring of developments in the world around us all provide the basis for our priorities and strategic initiatives.