Örebro University research evaluations

Örebro University Research Evaluation 2015

In our efforts to ensure high quality in research, the university has undertaken three research evaluations. The aim of these evaluations is to review and assess current quality and to identify the potential and need for quality development within research.

The third and most recent evaluation is ORU2020. As in previous evaluations, 2010 and 2015, the university first gathered data on scientific publishing, research funding and staffing. In self-assessments, researchers from within various subjects were then asked to complete self-assessments and submit a development plan focusing on strengths, weaknesses and possibilities.

For the final step of the evaluation process, external reviewers were asked to assess the quality of the research and comment on the development plans. In total, 31 national and international researchers from 11 countries were on the review panels.

Unlike previous evaluations, in ORU2020, all focus has been on development, not on grading or comparing research quality. The university is now going forward with the development plans – at all levels. The work will be followed up in the annual budget and planning discussions with the schools and the outcome of the development efforts will be evaluated in future research evaluations.
Research evaluation ORU2020 (pdf)

Previous evaluations

The first evaluation of Örebro University’s research was conducted in 2010 and resulted in a number of strategic initiatives. Since then, the research volume has doubled.
In both ORU2015 and ÖRE2010, it was concluded that Örebro University had high-quality research within all three faculties.

ORU2015, Örebro University Research Evaluation 2015 in full text (pdf)