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Alexander Isacsson

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303331

Room: F3161

Alexander Isacsson

Research Subject

About Alexander Isacsson

In January 2019, Alexander began his doctoral education in the humanities with a major in history. His research interests are primarily centred on early modern cultural history and court studies.

Alexander's ongoing dissertation project (see the poster below) investigates the princely courts of the sixteenth-century Swedish realm, focusing especially on the ducal courts. The dynamics of courts and the wider social relations of dynasts, elites and the realm will be analysed from perspectives of political culture, dynasty formation and state formation.

In the spring of 2020, Alexander is also teaching courses in ancient and medieval history (as part of Historia Ib) and norm-critical perspectives in history and history education (as part of Historia IIB).



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Articles in journals

Isacsson, A. (2017). Ceremonies and Rituals. The Court Historian, 22 (1), 90-91.


Isacsson, A. (2015). Dissekering av ett lokalsamhälle: En studie av sociokulturella mönster på småländsk landsbygd 1838-1845. Vadstena: Landsarkivet i Vadstena (Småskrifter från Landsarkivet i Vadstena 3).