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Alexander Isacsson

Position: Researcher School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

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Room: F3161

Alexander Isacsson
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About Alexander Isacsson

Alexander Isacsson has a PhD in history. His dissertation, Defining Dukeship: The Problem of Royal Spares and Dynasty Formation in Sweden, 1556-1622 (2023), is available as open access, and can be found here 



Alexander Isacsson's research interests include early modern cultural history, court studies, royal studies, historiography and media history.

During 2024, Isacsson mainly works at Lund University within the research project New Princes: Duke Johan of Östergötland (1589–1618) and Archduke Charles of Austria (1590–1624). The project is headed by Liesbeth Geevers, and Isacsson's research explores Duke Johan of Östergötland as a Swedish duke.

In 2024, Isacsson also holds a Bernadotte scholarship from the Royal Swedish Academy, awarded within the Bernadotte Programme. His research project explores the editing and publication of historical sources and anecdotes as part of the history of humanities.



Isacsson Isacsson teaches on the course Historical Research Paper several history courses such as History in SocietyAncient and Medieval HistoryEarly Modern HistoryHistorical Narration, and Norm Critical Perspectives on History.


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