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Andreas Nilsson

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303553

Room: G2106

Andreas Nilsson

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Physical activity epidemiology, focusing on the influence of physical activity behaviors throughout the life course on health outcomes including biomarkers for inflammation and metabolic health. A particular attention is paid to the role of physical activity in the prevention of age-related decline in physical function. In this respect, exploring the role of dietary habits alongside physical activity behaviors is an integral part of the research.

Member of the research group MIPA (Metabolism, Inflammation and Physical Activity).

Teaching:Exercise physiology, physical activity epidemiology, research methods and biostatistics.

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Articles in journals

Bergens, O. , Nilsson, A. & Kadi, F. (2019). Cardiorespiratory Fitness Does Not Offset Adiposity-Related Systemic Inflammation in Physically Active Older Women. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.
Nilsson, A. , Santoro, A. , Franceschi, C. & Kadi, F. (2019). Detrimental links between physical inactivity, metabolic risk and N-glycomic biomarkers of aging. Experimental Gerontology, 124.
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Conference papers

Sjöström, M. , Yngve, A. , Poortvliet, E. , Ekelund, U. , Hurtig-Wennlöf, A. , Nilsson, A. & Hagströmer, M. (2003). Adolescent nutrition: a multidimensional challenge. In: I. Elmadfa, E. Anklam, J. König, Modern aspects of nutrition present knowledge and future perspectives. Paper presented at 17th International Congress of Nutrition, Vienna, 2001 (pp. 253-254).

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Nilsson, A. (2008). Physical activity assessed by accelerometry in children. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Örebro: Örebro universitet.