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Andreas Nilsson

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303553

Room: G2106

Andreas Nilsson
Research subject Research environments

About Andreas Nilsson

The research focuses on the lifestyle factors physical activity and dietary habits and their impacts on health outcomes from an epidemiological perspective. The research involves observational studies alongside interventions aiming to promote healthy dietary habits and increased physical activity in different population groups.

Teaching:Exercise physiology, physical activity epidemiology, research methods and biostatistics.


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Articles in journals

Montiel Rojas, D. , Nilsson, A. , Santoro, A. , Franceschi, C. , Bazzocchi, A. , Battista, G. , de Groot, L. C. P. G. M. , Feskens, E. J. M. & et al. (2020). Dietary Fibre May Mitigate Sarcopenia Risk: Findings from the NU-AGE Cohort of Older European Adults. Nutrients, 12 (4).
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Strandberg, E. , Edholm, P. , Ponsot, E. , Wåhlin-Larsson, B. , Hellmén, E. , Nilsson, A. , Engfeldt, P. , Cederholm, T. & et al. (2015). Influence of combined resistance training and healthy diet on muscle mass in healthy elderly women: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of applied physiology, 119 (8), 918-925.
Nilsson, A. , Brage, S. , Riddoch, C. , Anderssen, S. A. , Sardinha, L. B. , Wedderkopp, N. , Andersen, L. B. & Ekelund, U. (2008). Comparison of equations for predicting energy expenditure from accelerometer counts in children. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 18 (5), 643-650.
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Articles, reviews/surveys

Bauset, C. , Martínez-Aspas, A. , Smith-Ballester, S. , García-Vigara, A. , Monllor-Tormos, A. , Kadi, F. , Nilsson, A. & Cano, A. (2022). Nuts and Metabolic Syndrome: Reducing the Burden of Metabolic Syndrome in Menopause. Nutrients, 14 (8).