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Annika Göran-Rodell

Position: Lecturer School/office: School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science


Phone: +46 19 302028

Room: K1113

Annika Göran-Rodell

About Annika Göran-Rodell

Annika Göran Rodell - Academic Entrepreneur is a lecturer in Culinary Arts and Meal Science.

Annika's interdisciplinary background with studies in Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science, Expressive Arts, Pedagogy and Sustainable Leadership contributes to a broad research interest with several specializations, often with aesthetics as a starting point. Annika is part of the education group at the ORU Platform for a Sustainable Future (PSF), which develops new courses together with the Center for Higher Education Pedagogy.

Annika's research interest can be said to be at the intersection of sustainability, aesthetics, leadership and pedagogy. Annika was appointed Excellent teacher at Örebro University in 2012 and received the students' pedagogical prize in 2020.

Teaching and collaboration

Annika likes to work with complex issues and in the course Development of meal experiences 15 HP for year 3, the meal maker is challenged as a gastronomic change agent.

In close collaboration with chef Paul Svensson, also an honorary doctor at ORU, Annika has, in an iterative process over several years, developed a new educational method designed as a design process. The first course prototype was called: What does Grythyttan taste like in 2030? How does a place taste and how can students understand the whole food chain and their place in it? The course is under continued development where the theme for HT -22 was How can a self-sufficient Hällefors taste in the future?  HT -23 the course will be about how co-creation tastes. The course can be seen as an action research project from which new research collaborations have emerged that have generated research funds from both SLU and Vinnova.

Annika is also responsible for the basic course in aesthetic method in year 1 and teaches performative presentation and sustainable leadership.

Other assignments

2013-2015 Annika worked, alongside her work at RHS, as a pedagogical developer at PIL (Unit for University Pedagogy, ICT and Learning) and currently holds a pedagogical development assignment at RHS.

2016 -2022 Annika has been one of three course leaders on Konstfack's international master's course Back to the land - reconnecting Urban and Rural Through Food Systems together with John Thackara and Cheryl Akner Koler where Annika has been responsible for the educational process with a focus on social co-creation based on Theory U (Sharmer, 2007; Scharmer & Kaufer, 2013; Scharmer, 2018) and meal rituals.


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